Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Little Turkey!

After I worked SO hard on this project, Kirsten decided that she didn't want to put the outfit on so I could photograph her. Little turkey. HOWEVER, once I got it on her, my little turkey performed like a HAM!! I used a tutorial I found at The Cottage Home to make this shirt and put my own twist on it! Here it is!!!

This ADORABLE clip was inspired by Ashley's adorable embellished tee over at Make It and Love It. Thanks for the inspiration, Ashley!!! Now my little turkey/ham is ready to celebrate Thanksgiving in one-of-a-kind style!!! Sorry for the poor photography...the sun has gone down and we're in our living room. *sigh* Oh well.


  1. Bravo!! Bravo!!! She is a cutie!!

  2. That is THE cutest Thanksgiving idea I've ever seen! GREAT job! Too bad I don't have a cute kid to sew for. Somehow I just don't think Layla would appreciate something like that, but that might not stop me ;)

  3. Ack, how CUTE is that little turkey top. So cute!! And the flower turned out darling for her hair. Great idea!


  4. Thank you, ladies!
    Ashley, thanks again for the great idea!!