Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mm, mm, good!

I want to start off by saying a big THANK YOU to our veterans, past and present, living or gone! Without veterans to fight for our freedom, Americans would be slaves to tyranny, because freedom is never free. Thank you to all my friends and family who bravely have and are serving our country!

Today I determined that I was going to make my husband something other than sandwiches or Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for supper.  I am normally an avid cook, but this pregnancy has kicked my butt! So, I set out to make Chicken Cordon Bleu, Green Bean Casserole and Mashed Potatoes. Okay, so the mashed potatoes are coming from a box, but I only have a few potatoes left and want to use them this weekend. Don't judge me. I took my chicken out this afternoon and allowed it to defrost to save myself some energy later. At this point, I also thought how yummy some fresh bread sounded and decided to set my hand to that, as well. However, the kitchen was in such disarray that I couldn't even begin to cook, so I set out to clean the kitchen. Two dishwasher-loads full later, it looks MUCH better! Again, don't judge me, I'm having trouble finding the energy to walk up and down the stairs without passing out right now. While I was cleaning in the kitchen, Kirsten started to complain of a headache. Not a surprise since she had been screaming at me for no apparent reason just before. After a few minutes, I had pity on the poor child--I could tell her head really did hurt--and gave her some children's Tylenol. I kissed her forehead to find that it was hot. Great. Took her temp and it was suddenly at 100 degrees--after having no symptoms and playing all day. Not a horrible reading, but I knew she wasn't feeling well. Giving her some water and covering her up, I told her to lie down and take a nap...she was out in moments. Back to the cleaning grind for me!

After lots of effort, supper was in the oven and smelling delicious! There are few things that will make you feel better than food. Specifically butter and cheese, which I had used lots of! I decided to put a twist on my chicken cordon bleu and use havarti cheese instead of swiss. Swiss is not my favorite cheese and I feel that havarti has a more refined flavor anyway, so rather than buying swiss, I just opted to use the havarti I'd already purchased for ham sandwiches! I also crumbled havarti and sprinkled parmesan into the sauce that I spooned over the chicken...that tasted heavenly when I dipped my finger in to test it! Here's a picture of our simply delectable meal!

 When supper was done, Kirsten was feeling too sick to want anything to eat so Ryan and I ate it all. Halfway through our meal, she tells me that she needs to go to the bathroom...while I'm carrying her, she gets sick. Everywhere. You know you're experienced at kid puke when you can clean up and happily finish your meal. We were laughing pretty hard about that.

I am off to take care of my sweet little girl...

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