Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Thanksgiving Project

I came upon an adorable tutorial the other day and decided that Kirsten must have this cute shirt to wear on Thursday! Last night we went to Walmart to get a white long sleeved shirt and could not find one in Kirsten's size that was NOT a turtleneck. As a kid, I LOATHED turtleneck shirts (and still do!) because I always felt as if they were too tight around my neck, so I have always sworn not to put Kirsten in one if I can help it. However, I thought that I would try to cut the neckline and alter it to make it more comfortable. After some alterations and getting the applique nearly finished, I began to alter the sleeves...and proceeded to run out of bobbin thread while still un-pinning. Yes. I thought I was sewing and I wasn't. Crap. So, the shirt will be done sometime later today, but I wanted to post a teaser of the pretty fabric that I got!

I love how all of the textures showed up so well on my little Canon PowerShot A1100 IS in PINK!!! I would have whipped out the Nikon D90 that Ryan and I both love, but for simple shots like this, the Canon is just as good! We read a review from a highly respected photographer (can't remember his name right now) that said he preferred Nikons when it came to SLR's, but Canons when it came to a point and shoot. Wow! We made good decisions! :) Anyway...I am off to re-pin the cuff onto Kirsten's sleeve. I can almost taste Thursday's turkey now...When it comes to me, Grandma and Dad...ol' Tom doesn't stand a CHANCE!!!!! We're like the father on "A Christmas Story" who picks at the turkey while being yelled at by the mother, "Don't touch that turkey, it's got an hour to cook! You'll get WORMS!"


  1. The photographer that said this was Ken Rockwell.

  2. It wouldn't be a holiday without my turkey "pickers", LOL. What wonderful memories! Looking forward to an incredible day with you, Ryan, Kirsten AND Chloe.

  3. Honey, thanks!! :)

    Mom, it's so true. Turkey isn't as good unless you've picked at it. :)