Friday, November 19, 2010

Feelin' Thrifty!

EARLY Sunday morning I was laying in bed and could not sleep. I decided to lay there in the dark and figure out what each of us was going to wear in a few hours and lay it out before Ryan and Kirsten got up to avoid the endless battle of me pleading with Kirsten to JUST. PICK. SOMETHING. I remembered that I had some cute zebra patterned cotton laying around just begging for me to make a skirt out of it and I got to thinking about what shirt I would pair with it. She has a plain black longsleeved tee that she wears, but it's BORING and it needed some pizazz. SO, I got up and made THIS! I am so proud to have whipped it together in about 35 minutes. The skirt was made from scratch and I just added the cute ruffle to the neckline on her Garanimals shirt from Wal*Mart and voila! Super cute outfit for less than $5! SCORE! What do you think of my creation? Please ignore my pitiful photograph. My cute little model is napping. I think I will have her daddy do a photo shoot in this outfit, tho! I think her baby sister needs one of these outfits, too! :)

Now doesn't that ruffle on the neckline just make that plain shirt DARLING?! Next I am going to attempt to make a cardigan with another of these frugal little t-shirts using this tutorial from Ruffles and Stuff as inspiration! :) Happy day, everyone!


  1. It turned out so cute and she looked adorable in it on Sunday! Go you!

  2. Thank you! I love making crafty things for my girl(s). :) I am going to start making some re-useable wipes next week!

  3. Oh it's just adorable - great job!! And what a fabulous price.

    I wanted to get back to you about the dress on my blog. The dress and bloomers that goes with the bonnet is actually my own design. I haven't come up with a pattern for it, but if I do, I will definitely let you know! Thank you so much for your sweet words!

    Have a great day,