Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elastic? Fantastic! (A Tutorial)

So, I tried to post this blog entry last night and Blogger threw a technical fit and deleted it. ::head:desk:: Anyway...If you hate pulling elastic through casing with a safety pin as much as I on!

I recently heard of a super easy way to elastisize your clothes. I know. It's not a word. :) I used 1/4" elastic here, so I made my casing 1/2". Iron your casing to the proper size, then put the end of your elastic inside and do a few stitches/backstitches to secure it.

 Now just keep your elastic against the crease you ironed and sew the casing shut, being cautious not to catch the elastic in the needle's path.
Leave about an inch of your casing open to give you working space. Puuuuuullllll that elastic until you like the fit, do a few stitches/backstitches, clip the elastic and sew the casing shut! Voila! Sorry...forgot to take more photos, but I think you get the idea. Isn't that awesome? I kept shaking my head and wondering why I had not figured this out years ago. Now get over to your sewing machine and make your kiddo something cute! Happy sewing! :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Christmas Project With Kirsten

I decided today that it would be so sweet to have Kirsten make a gift for Norah and for Norah to have a handmade item to give to Kirsten. Kirsten and I searched the www for a doll softie and found this one from Sweet Tidings. It is just too cute, don't you think?
I like the face on her doll better, but here is a picture of the one that Kirsten and I made.

I'm pretty proud of her! I think she looks like a little babuska. :) I figured I woul give a mini tutorial (my very first) on how I assembled my goes:

After cutting out each piece, I began with her head. Under Wonder the face piece to one head piece. Don't forget your stitch and tear on the back or it will come out wonky like mine. :/

Luckily, it ironed flat...

Here are the setting I use on my machine for applique projects:
And my model:

After putting the face together, I assembled her arms and decided to make sleeves so she wouldn't be cold.
Kirsten helped me stuff the little lady. <3

See? Arms!

I then proceeded to sew the arms to the body like so:

Oh, before you do this, attach each part of the head to the top of each body part. This way, you can sew the entire body together when you attach her arms. Just leave the bottom of her skirt open to put her feet on.
Almost done! Now hand sew her hair on (I just made cute little x's that made it look like she has pigtails) and paint on her face, then add a scarf and boots. Isn't she darling? :)
I am thinking of doing a tutorial on applique because I had a horrible time finding a good one when I first started. Is anyone interested?

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Holidays Make Me Crazy [Happy]!

It's official! It's the most wonderful time of the year! After a CRAZY and exciting day yesterday full of food and blitz deals at Walmart like this one:
(I only had to wait in line for 2 1/2 hours for this one!) my day has been no less crazy today. Norah slept pretty long this morning and woke up with a fever of 102.1. Fabulous. After being sick and taking some infant Tylenol, her temperature dropped to a healthy 98.7 in an hour and a half. Praise the Lord! We are hosting another Thanksgiving meal tomorrow evening (after a full morning of Christmas play practice) and I started the cheesecakes only to realize that I ran out of sour cream days ago. Doh! SO...Ryan went to the store to pick some up for me. Thank, honey! I decided to finish putting the lights on the Christmas tree while he was gone and the girls were curled up in front of "A Charlie Brown Christmas". (<3) This is what the tree looks like now:

See that bare spot in the middle? That, my friends, is a strand of lights that went out half way and won't be fixed. Wonder of wonders, our two spare strands are also the same way. After testing each bulb and replacing the fuses...I came to the conclusion that it will have to be replaced. Reindeer poo. A quick call to Ryan to pick up another pack of lights, as well as more Air Wick inserts since our house smells like a strange combination of tree, Mr Clean, popcorn, and cinnamon pine cone. I am going to crank those suckers high tonight and *pray* that they overpower the funky mixture by 6 pm tomorrow. LOL

Anyway, Norah's first Thanksgiving was a blast for her! She loved picking up baby carrots and green beans and munching away. <3 Kirsten had a fabulous time, too! She loves all of the holiday rushing around and she really loves dancing to Christmas music. :) Well...I had better get to cutting up some fabric to make a present for a birthday party that is Sunday afternoon. Maybe I will just do it tomorrow night? lol Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Slow-going I tried to get my wrap done--I really did! My good friend Charity came over and we cut up all that DELICIOUS fabric into the appropriate widths and began sewing with vigor! Charity got her wrap finished...I...did not. HOWEVER, it was not due to laziness! My machine needs to be cleaned and oiled BADLY and is making HORRIBLE noises. So much, in fact, that I am afraid to sew anything else for fear of hurting poor Matilda. I have always referred to my machine as "her", as if she is a personality, I decided today that I think the name "Matilda" suits her. Don't get too attached, though. It could change at any moment. So, I have decided to inclue some photos of my GORGEOUS Amy Butler fabric that I procured for the BARGAIN price of $3.00 per yard. That's right, folks...$3.00 PER YARD!! :-D Can you sense my excitement? ;-) Here you go...drool away...

Yummy!!! <3

I don't know why this one self-rotated to portrait...The blue is going to be a panel in the middle for added visual interest. :)

The fabrics together. They are much prettier when seen in person.
Hopefully I will get my machine in working order soon! I have a LOT to do before Christmas! For now, I guess I will get down and dirty...which means cutting out patterns. I hate that part. At least it will all be done and all I will have to do is sew! :) I think I will start on some new Christmas stockings first. I have had some pretty gold fabric for a few years that has been screaming to be turned into something lovely! I think it's time to sacrifice it on the craft alter...LOL

Happy crafting!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ruffled Scarf Tute

Since my blog entries are sporatic (at best) I am going to attempt to be more *regular* at posting. haha Here goes...

After seeing Ashley's tutorial for a ruffled scarf here at Make It and Love It, I decided to give it a whirl! It only took me a week--during which I painted the girls' bedroom and the living room, not to mention attempted to organize our house after our move, attend the funeral of a dear friend,  etc, etc, etc... ANYWAY.....Here are the results!

I just love how the ruffles fall so effortlessly...can you believe that this scarf was only recently a pair of gouchos that made me shriek, "What was I thinking when I wore these things?!" But it was too much fabric to just throw away...right? I've not worn them in almost five years and now they are being put to use once more. :)

Now...onto hanging some decor on the wall...or maybe cutting the fabric for my new baby wrap?? Can't decide...Whatever I do, I will *hopefully* post tomorrow! Stay tuned... ;)