Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Christmas Project With Kirsten

I decided today that it would be so sweet to have Kirsten make a gift for Norah and for Norah to have a handmade item to give to Kirsten. Kirsten and I searched the www for a doll softie and found this one from Sweet Tidings. It is just too cute, don't you think?
I like the face on her doll better, but here is a picture of the one that Kirsten and I made.

I'm pretty proud of her! I think she looks like a little babuska. :) I figured I woul give a mini tutorial (my very first) on how I assembled my goes:

After cutting out each piece, I began with her head. Under Wonder the face piece to one head piece. Don't forget your stitch and tear on the back or it will come out wonky like mine. :/

Luckily, it ironed flat...

Here are the setting I use on my machine for applique projects:
And my model:

After putting the face together, I assembled her arms and decided to make sleeves so she wouldn't be cold.
Kirsten helped me stuff the little lady. <3

See? Arms!

I then proceeded to sew the arms to the body like so:

Oh, before you do this, attach each part of the head to the top of each body part. This way, you can sew the entire body together when you attach her arms. Just leave the bottom of her skirt open to put her feet on.
Almost done! Now hand sew her hair on (I just made cute little x's that made it look like she has pigtails) and paint on her face, then add a scarf and boots. Isn't she darling? :)
I am thinking of doing a tutorial on applique because I had a horrible time finding a good one when I first started. Is anyone interested?

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