Friday, November 25, 2011

The Holidays Make Me Crazy [Happy]!

It's official! It's the most wonderful time of the year! After a CRAZY and exciting day yesterday full of food and blitz deals at Walmart like this one:
(I only had to wait in line for 2 1/2 hours for this one!) my day has been no less crazy today. Norah slept pretty long this morning and woke up with a fever of 102.1. Fabulous. After being sick and taking some infant Tylenol, her temperature dropped to a healthy 98.7 in an hour and a half. Praise the Lord! We are hosting another Thanksgiving meal tomorrow evening (after a full morning of Christmas play practice) and I started the cheesecakes only to realize that I ran out of sour cream days ago. Doh! SO...Ryan went to the store to pick some up for me. Thank, honey! I decided to finish putting the lights on the Christmas tree while he was gone and the girls were curled up in front of "A Charlie Brown Christmas". (<3) This is what the tree looks like now:

See that bare spot in the middle? That, my friends, is a strand of lights that went out half way and won't be fixed. Wonder of wonders, our two spare strands are also the same way. After testing each bulb and replacing the fuses...I came to the conclusion that it will have to be replaced. Reindeer poo. A quick call to Ryan to pick up another pack of lights, as well as more Air Wick inserts since our house smells like a strange combination of tree, Mr Clean, popcorn, and cinnamon pine cone. I am going to crank those suckers high tonight and *pray* that they overpower the funky mixture by 6 pm tomorrow. LOL

Anyway, Norah's first Thanksgiving was a blast for her! She loved picking up baby carrots and green beans and munching away. <3 Kirsten had a fabulous time, too! She loves all of the holiday rushing around and she really loves dancing to Christmas music. :) Well...I had better get to cutting up some fabric to make a present for a birthday party that is Sunday afternoon. Maybe I will just do it tomorrow night? lol Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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