Thursday, November 17, 2011

Slow-going I tried to get my wrap done--I really did! My good friend Charity came over and we cut up all that DELICIOUS fabric into the appropriate widths and began sewing with vigor! Charity got her wrap finished...I...did not. HOWEVER, it was not due to laziness! My machine needs to be cleaned and oiled BADLY and is making HORRIBLE noises. So much, in fact, that I am afraid to sew anything else for fear of hurting poor Matilda. I have always referred to my machine as "her", as if she is a personality, I decided today that I think the name "Matilda" suits her. Don't get too attached, though. It could change at any moment. So, I have decided to inclue some photos of my GORGEOUS Amy Butler fabric that I procured for the BARGAIN price of $3.00 per yard. That's right, folks...$3.00 PER YARD!! :-D Can you sense my excitement? ;-) Here you go...drool away...

Yummy!!! <3

I don't know why this one self-rotated to portrait...The blue is going to be a panel in the middle for added visual interest. :)

The fabrics together. They are much prettier when seen in person.
Hopefully I will get my machine in working order soon! I have a LOT to do before Christmas! For now, I guess I will get down and dirty...which means cutting out patterns. I hate that part. At least it will all be done and all I will have to do is sew! :) I think I will start on some new Christmas stockings first. I have had some pretty gold fabric for a few years that has been screaming to be turned into something lovely! I think it's time to sacrifice it on the craft alter...LOL

Happy crafting!!!

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