Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ukulele Challenges

My little Kirsten turned six last week. SIX!!! Where has the time gone?! One moment we are here:
 (Isn't that the most perfect little face?!)

And the next moment we are here:
(Still perfect! 💖)

Her daddy and I gave her an ukulele for her birthday. We are homeschooling this year--first grade already!--and we would love for her to become musical. She is working so hard and really loves playing an instrument. But let me tell you...keeping an instrument tuned around here is easier said than done. The first time *I* tuned them (we have an old plastic one for Norah that plays surprisingly well) it took me an hour. I am not kidding. This mama is NOT musically inclined. By God's grace, I found a free app that listens to the notes and shows me on a scale how close I am. A few days later, that hour has now reduced to a few minutes. PRAISE THE LORD! Since I'm doing this multiple times per day--little fingers, you know--this simplifies my life and reduces my level of tears greatly. 😉 I even love it so much that I think I am going to take up the ukulele myself, getting one of my own for my birthday. Don't judge, I'm actually doing pretty well and I do NOT play instruments. Haha! My husband thinks it's HILARIOUS that I can't hear a note and replicate it, especially where tuning is concerned. He's also been the recipient of a few hand gestures for laughing at me. Don't worry, the kids aren't around! 😉

All in all, back-to-school has been a fun success. We actually started a few weeks early because we will surely take time off when the baby gets here next month. OHMYGOSH. NEXT MONTH!!! Here is the wreath the girls and I made. I finally assembled the wreath a couple of weeks ago after having had the supplies for a full year. Again, don't judge. 😉 The apples were their craft for school today. Granted it is still August, but since it already says "fall", I won't have to change it out for quite a while! Haha!

Happy August! (Can you believe it's already here?)

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