Thursday, August 15, 2013

Is it naptime yet?!

Our week feels like it has been crazy. But then again--I think every week is crazy-busy. Our house is almost fully ready for baby, which is good because our home visit with our midwife is tomorrow! Baby clothes are organized and put into a small chest of drawers, diapers and covers are all prepped and sorted, almost all of the birth supplies are in the birth box, I installed the carseat this evening--which feels super early, but we were tripping over it, so it needed to go someplace! The bassinet is ready, as you have seen previously...that's about it! The birth pool has been inflated once, but we are going to water test it this weekend or next. I wish I could just leave it inflated where we plan to use it, but with two kids and two cats...yeah. I'd have a busted pool faster than I could shake my fist at the offender. I want to crochet something else for baby, but I'm not sure what. I'd want it to be a clothing item. Maybe just one more pair of longies since the weather has been surprisingly cool. I need some scrumdiddlyumptious wool!

Tomorrow is my super busy day of the week: take Ryan to work, visit the chiropractor, run some errands, come home and put finishing touches on the house, pick Ryan up from work, feed my family and stick an apple pie in the oven before our home visit. Oh my word. I'm exhausted already. LOL

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