Thursday, August 8, 2013

Baby prep! Could this be nesting?

As of tomorrow, there are only six weeks left until my EDD. WHOAH. That isn't much. I realized that I have more than just cleaning the house to do. Baby clothes are just sitting in piles in a corner of our living room, the bassinet has yet to be prepped, I need to make sheets for the bassinet since we don't have any anymore, I need to make mama get it. Plus, my house is just not ready. At. All. Lol I need to get stuff deep cleaned, organize, steam clean the carpets, clean the couch cushions with alcohol and get it. Haha! Now who wants to come do regular cleaning every day so I can do this stuff? ;) 

Today I scrubbed my kitchen floor by hand and organized *part* of the kitchen. What can I say? I suck at keeping house and my blood pressure hates activity. Not much gets done at once before I feel the sensation that I may faint. Haha! 

Guess what I get to treat myself to tonight? I'm refinishing the bassinet!! Yep! The fabric bunting was just looking old and tired, so when I stripped it off for routine washing, I realized that I could give it a fresh new look by Mod Podging some super cute scrapbook paper onto it! I will post my results tomorrow. :)

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