Friday, August 9, 2013

Bassinet Up-cycle

I mentioned yesterday that I was cleaning out our bassinet. As I removed the bunting for washing, I noted that it was getting rather old and tired looking, so when I saw the sides for the first time in three years, I realized that the cardboard would be perfect to adhere scrapbook paper to! MOD PODGE!!! Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Mod Podge?! I have had a piece of scrapbook paper on hand for a few months. I purchased it with a project in mind and never--um--completed said project. *shifty eyes*
Anywaaayyy...I really loved that paper and decided that it would be PERFECT for this project! Here is the bassinet stripped bare and ready for transformation. 

I only had one sheet of the afore-mentioned paper, but I got too excited waiting for Ryan to come home with more and put that one on ahead of time. :)

Eeeekkkk!!!!! Isn't it adorable?! Want to see a close up of the paper? You know you do. ;) 

It's navy and cream: soooo sophisticated for either gender.

Ryan came home with the rest of the paper and I could barely force myself to prepare supper and feed my family (and myself) before fully delving into this project. It took surprisingly little time (but it DID take a good third bottle of Mod Podge) and the pattern is a bit off in some places, but it looks AMAZING! LOOKIT!

I had a leetle bit of leftover fabric from a project I began earlier this year that I knew would go perfectly with this gorgeous paper. I wanted to make an actual fitted sheet, but just barely ran short, so it's more like a mattress sleeve/cover-thing. I'm going to put some elastic "belts" on the back to help it stay in place like a sheet. It's too cute not to utilize, really. :) 

See what I mean? Adorable!!! I should find some fabric to re-cover the shade that goes on those little pegs, but I've honestly never used the darn thing. It annoys me and I feel like I can't see baby well enough when it's on. 

So there's my super easy bassinet up-cycle! I'm so pleased with it and I can't wait to put baby in it!

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