Friday, May 7, 2010

Aahhh...a moment of serendipity.

I have come to the decision that technology is EXHAUSTING! Last night, I got my blog all set up nice and pretty--just the way I liked it. This morning, I got on to do a little more editing, only to find that I had MAJORLY misspelled my url. The url I actually wanted was taken and--after what seemed like hours of trying to come up with a similar, yet totally different url and title--I ended up having to create an entirely new blog. SO. Here I am. Back at the beginning. Wondering if this is all worth it... Anyway....

Today, I was giving my daughter lunch and she told me the plate was too warm for her legs. (Yes, I let her eat her lunch on the floor in front of the tv. :) This is not uncommon as our plates are pottery, so they do warm up quickly. As usual, I reached for a towel to relieve her little legs, but the towel was dirty, so I grabbed a pot holder. That's when it hit me. I dug through my scraps of fabric and decided to make what I have dubbed a "lap mat". Like a placemat...but for your lap. Not to mention, insulated. :) In about 20 minutes, this little project was done. I did remember (almost forgot!) to take some photos for a quickie tutorial. Not that I don't have faith that people can't figure it out on their own....more for the fun of doing my first tutorial. Ready? Here we go.

I started by cutting out two 10"X15" rectangles of both fabric and batting, just the perfect size for her little lap. Cute fabric, huh? Remnant pile at the store. :)

I then did the obvious thing and put the pretty fabric right side to right side with the batting on the bottom and sewed it together, leaving a hole in one end. Turning it right side out, it should look like this:

Just sew that little opening shut and add some decorative stitching to keep all in place and, VOILA!

An adorable lap mat for your little munchkin! I am going to get some oilcloth and make another that will wipe clean. ;) Here it is in use....yes, we lounge in our jammies lots of days. Too busy tomorrow to care about what we look like today...but you will find out about tomorrow...well...tomorrow!

For now, I am off to find something divine to turn this fabric into!

Happy serendipity!


  1. Bravo!!! Too CUTE Joc!!! Welcome to the blog world!!

    HUGS - LORi

  2. How about one that is oil cloth on the top and fleece on the bottom? The top will wipe off and the bottom wont stick or be cold on the legs! Just a thought!

    By the way, love your blog design!