Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dancing drama

Today was a busy day! We made a "pilgrimage" to Paul's Discount (YAY!) so I could ogle their fabric and Ryan could look at handguns. I bought embroidery floss, needles and two bags of little pom-poms. Ryan went back for the handgun. haha We've been meaning to purchase one since we got married almost four years ago, but had never done it. We finally have one. To celebrate Mother's Day, we will be going out to my parent's farm to target shoot. Redneck? Yes. Are we actually redneck? Not at ALL. lol Anyway...I digress...

After our trip to Paul's, we went home to get Kirsten ready for her dance recital pictures. Let me tell you...those girlies were CUTE! I will post pictures of her in her costume soon! After her photo shoot and rehearsal, Kirsten threw a ROYAL FIT when it was time to leave...she wanted to jump on the "jumpoline". Since we knew that it was getting late, we only let her jump for a minute, she was told to lay down for a while as soon as we got home. When she layed down for a good thirty minutes with no contest, we realized just how tired she really was!

Anyway...I mean to have my new scarf finished by tonight so I could post pictures. Instead, I will be laying in bed trying to get it done in time to wear to church tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day, everyone!!!

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