Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dog Days of Spring

Yesterday morning was spent haunting the windows waiting for the mailman to come. Had my package finally arrived? Would it be delayed another day? Dismayed when the mailman was over an hour late, I went to the back door to let Molly, our Cocker Spaniel, outside. Suddenly, I heard two sharp rings of the door bell! Molly entered protection mode and began to bark incessantly, Kirsten--sensing the excitement exhibited by both Molly and me--ran wildly to the front door. Thrilled at the idea that my package had come, I also rushed to the door. Upon reaching the door, I opened it to find the object of my longing...
My first pair of dog grooming clippers! I had to wait until yesterday evening to try them out (we had a funeral to attend yesterday afternoon) and it took me several hours, but I got Molly looking pretty good! She's definitely not professional-looking, but for my first groom, I think I did pretty well! Here are some pictures of our girl.

I just could not get her to stand up for her modeling debut, she wasn't too happy with me by the time I was done grooming her. Molly may not look as if she had much done to her (I forgot to take a "before" photo) but, believe me, there was enough hair on the floor to make a whole new dog! Needless to say, I am pleased that I spent about $10 more than a normal grooming session to do it myself COUNTLESS more times. Don't you just love saving money?!

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