Monday, May 17, 2010

A miniature Julia Child!

I am tickled pink (ah! Pink! I love pink. :) ) to say that I won an item in Disney's Stella and Dot giveaway over at Ruffles and Stuff! My daughter won this precious set of pearls. I am so excited to see her in them!
Can I just say that I LOVE Stella and Dot's items?! They are so precious, I love the Mommy and Me things, they are really cute without being TOO "matchy-matchy", which I love! The kiddie stuff is adorable and age appropriate, while the items are designed to be a little bulkier and just look more fashionista-ish. I may foresee a trunk show in my future...

I must confess, I am trying to figure out how to get a bunch of money together...I want to re-decorate our house. Teehee!! We have been married nearly four years, which means I have not actually decorated properly since being married. Most of us have this predicament...we want to please our hubbies-to-be by letting them help choose our furniture in a MAJOR way, when they really don't care too much as long as it's comfortable and isn't riddled with pink/flowers or a combination of the two. So, redecorating is something that we really want to do this year being that we have planned since Kirsten was born to have another munchkin sometime in 2011...NOT pregnant OR trying yet, folks!!!! Don't get any rumors started, we just want to do all the stuff we have planned before we even THINK about it! lol We're I'm a major planner. LOL Ryan couldn't care less as long as it's a sensible plan and I only consult him once or twice on the matter. Oh, and I don't spend all of his hard-earned money. :) So, today I am focusing on the living room. I am not redecorating in a HUGE way, just little things here and there. Furniture isn't so little, though, is it? Well, I am WAY tired of our over-stuffed leather couches. They are nice for a guy, but too slouchy-looking for me. Loved them for the first couple of years, though....I guess I am just comfortable enough now to express my true decorating opinion? Anyway, I want something slimmer and less bulky since we are now apartment dwellers. I also want something that isn't quite as deep. If I want my feet to touch the floor, I have to slouch pretty low in these. Not a good confidence-builder. LOL Anyway, I am going to be listing them on Craigslist soon...if you know someone that wants dark brown leather couches, let me know! I am off to do some internet-window-shopping! (Is it bad that I secretly wish I could have a white couch? I mean, I know it's crazy with kids, but I have NOTHING against about 12 cans of Scotch Guard.....)

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