Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day Massacre

I am working on a new tutorial on crocheting and I apparently need to study it myself. Or invest in a good pair of earplugs. My sweet daughter loves to talk to me. I mean. Loves. To. Talk. Period. She also loves to drag her baby sister around. Sweet feta cheese. Anyway, the tutorial is on crocheting a hat, which works well because my hubby wants one really badly and I thought I would be a sweet wife and make him one for Valentine's Day. <3 I know. I am so wonderful! ;-) I wish I could show you the epic hat that I made my brother for his birthday. It is one of those with a cool beard attached. is on my phone and won't translate to Blogger. Grr. You will just have to use your imagination. Anyway, I began working on this hat around noon today and they are fairly simple, you just have to pay attention to what you are doing pretty closely for the first few rows. Well, I messed the darned hat up really quickly and had to rip out a few rows and start over. Oh well. No big deal, right? Well...I then proceeded to mess something else up and not notice because of my little chattering maniac for another TEN ROWS. has gone downhill from there today--Kirsten is now screaming for her daddy because her ear hurts...I suspect an ear infection. I hope whoever might be reading this is having a better day than we are.

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