Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Out with the old....where is the new???

PRAISE THE LORD, we finally sold our couch and loveseat!! I had begun to wonder if we would ever find someone who wanted them after a few weeks of posting on Craigslist every five days or so when I got an email from a woman yesterday who was interested! I gave her a call and we talked back and forth all day before they came to pick up the items last night. They even paid asking price! Thank you, Jesus!! :) We planned to go right out and pick up a new couch last night until we realized something...something very importante. PayPal doesn't deposit the transferred money into your bank account for three to four days. Crapola. Aaaaannnd.....since we are not made of money (not to mention that I already paid every bill but rent for this month) we will have to spend three to four days sitting on the floor. Okay, well...not totally on the floor. We do have some folding outdoor chairs that we take to the drive in theatre, as well as a comfy chair in the living room that my husband and I fight over...we'll be fighting over who gets to sit in that baby a lot more over the next few days! teehee As for now, I am ordering some foam to pad my grandmother's hope chest and make it into a bench. This is a piece that is so precious to was her 16th birthday present from her parents and she passed it down to my mother, who passed it down to me. Over the years, the veneer finish was damaged pretty badly and I wanted to preserve the piece. SO, a couple of years ago, I refinished it in a country white. It looked like a new piece! Of course, I was nervous to see what my grandmother would think since it has belonged to her, but she loved it! I think what she loves most is that I have such a love for this piece. Now, I am going to put three inches of foam atop the lid and create a removable cover out of some GORGEOUS black and white fabric. Of course, I need to give the chest a fresh coat of paint and put some laquer on it...I never laquered it, so it gets dirty really quickly and doesn't clean well (flat paint for that shabby chic look). That is this weekend's project! I can't wait until the next time my grandmother comes to Kentucky so I can show her how I am preserving this beautiful piece of our family history. I also can't wait to give it to my daughter and see what she does with it. Will it stay the same as I have it now, or will she be full of decorating ideas for it, as well? Only time shall tell!

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